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Dead Master recieves word about Miku's whereabouts by swordsman9 Dead Master recieves word about Miku's whereabouts by swordsman9
After the battle at Southern Cross, Dead Master retreated to her lair and tried to recuperate from her last battle with Mayu. She had some of her spies stay at the town to continue searching for Miku for her unknown motive. Prussia comes over to give her the progress report.

Prussia: "Sir. We got word from our spies. There is litteraly, no trace of Ms. Hatsune being in the city any more. She isn't even with Mayu."

DM: "This doesn't make any sense. I had over 25 spies in that town looking at every corner. There is no way she could have escaped. Even if she got out before the battle, we should have gotten her. How is this possible?"

Prussia: "There is something else, sir. Recently, Servant of Evil Len went to kill the Daughter of Green, but was stopped. The savior of the Daughter of Green Miku was reported to be a woman dressed in black."

DM: *shocked* "Black?" *thinking* "Did this girl have a white star on the back of her clothes?"

Prussia: "Yes, sir. And she was also to be reported having an eye covered in a light blue flame."

DM: "Mato. Black Rock Shooter. So, you have shown yourself. That miserable, no good, she-devil of a witch! If she gets to Miku, everything will be ruined. Where is she head now?"

Prussia: "Unknown, sir. Our spies lost track of her 3 hours ago."

DM: "Send out some of the generals out to find her. And what about the Twins?"

Prussia: "Daughter of Vengence started a rebellion and captured the Daughter of Evil Rin. She is to be executed for her crimes against the people."

DM: "When will Rin be executed?"

Prussia: "With in 48 hours, sir."

DM: "After she dies, I want you to go their, along with your sister and a squad, and take that town away from the Daughter of Vengence."

Prussia: "Yes, sir!"
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January 29, 2013
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