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Naruto OC: Kuressento Yami by Y-uno
by Y-uno

As a big Naurto fan and loving to see Naruto OC's and their stories I think you did a god job. The design of her overall is just so att...

Judo Gi WIP by MissingPixieSticks

This is very impressive. As a martial artist and MMD user, I can honestly say that this is one of those outfits that is both iconic and...

Commission - Gloam by Rosuuri
by Rosuuri

This is very impressive. I gotta say, I'm blown away by how beautiful this looks. Your choice of colors makes her stand out. She looks ...

by Michi-K

To be honest, I think your selfy is pretty cute. She looks sort of shy looking and her outifit is amazing. The textures on the shirt is...


Back together by swordsman9
Back together
They all hugged and kissed each other, now happy that they're back together again. Yuri was definitely glad to be back home with the ones she loved. And while the story of her and Dead Master had ended, this is tale has yet to begin.
Promise me you won't do it again by swordsman9
Promise me you won't do it again
Miku: "I was so sad. I felt like I was alone again. I didn't want you gone from my life."

Yuri: "I couldn't bare Dead Master to take you again. I made the best choice that was available."

Miku: "I know. The right thing is just scary sometimes."

Yuri: "'s not. It's terrifying."

Miku: "I know you'll do more of the right thing often. But...I don't want you to throw your life away like that again. I don't want to have a moment where I'm afraid you're never gonna walk back in that door. Will you please promise me you won't do that to yourself."

Yuri: "I can't make a promise I can't keep Miku. But I can promise you that I will make sure you all are happy with the time you have with me. And I will make sure you all are safe. So no more crying. Smile..."
I already lost my family... by swordsman9
I already lost my family...
Yuri: "There was no other way to stop more bloodshed from happening. I took the chance that I didn't want anyone else to take."

Mori: "And you were successful. But it made us all scared to death. I lost my family so many years ago. They all died because of my mistake of wanting my eyes back. And they paid the price. You paid the price with your life. And I thought it was going to be the repeat of the past."

Yuri: "You never once killed me."

Mori: "But I was away from you...for 500 years. You have no idea how lonely I was without you. How much I wanted to come back to you. It made me sad that you decided to go like this."
You really scared us both by swordsman9
You really scared us both
Once everyone was informed of Yuri's resurrection and got calmed down, Yuri finally went to her room with Mori and Miku to rest up. But even when they were relieved to have her, they were still shaken up about her death

Miku: "I thought you were gone forever."

Yuri: "I almost was."

Mori: "Why didn't you try to call for help?"

Yuri: "Kind of hard to do that when being attacked by 700 men."

Mori: "Regardless, there could have been more ways to do this."

Yuri: "Not to me."
I knew she'd be back by swordsman9
I knew she'd be back
Umeko: "Yay! Mommy did come back! I told you all she would!"

Choroi: "Yeah...she came home. And now she's being smothered to death."

Umeko: "Can I smother her next?"

Choroi: "In a little bit sweetie. I think she needs to rest first. Why don't you go and tell everyone else the good news?"

Umeko: "Okay. Hey guys! Guess what? Guess what!"
Death Battle Monika vs. Erika by swordsman9

Swordsman: Alright the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all!



The setting takes place deep in the wilderness of Japan. Monika is hiding behind the bushes, fully nude, stalking a deer by the creek. In the trees, Erika is armed with her compound bow, also hunting the same deer. She draws back a powerful compound bow and fires the arrow into the deer.

Erika: Bullseye :D *checks on deer*

Monika comes out the bushes and jumps out in front of Erika

Monika: You are trespassing on my people's land. You took my deer. Leave your weapons and your kill and get out of here, snow leopard

Erika: Your land? This is Nakotan territory. You're on MY Land.

Monika: We'll see. 

Monika slammed her feet on the ground and assumed the Praying Mantis stance

Monika: I am Monika, last of the Yama mamushi. And I shall take back my land...and your head

Erika: I am Erika, last of the Nakotan... and I shall defend it from evil such as you! 

Soon as Erika assumed her aikijiujitsu stance, the battle is ready

Cue music - 


Monika charges into get up close to Erika. She  starts throwing in mantis style punches at Erika, but Erika does her best to dodge her on coming attacks. Erika then grabs Monika's left hand and redirects her energy, sending her away.

Monika:  Ergh...>.< She must be able to use momentum as a weapon.

Monika flips back to her feet andgoes in close with the same punches, then grab's Erika by the shoulders to pull her in for a rising kick to the jaw. Erika once again is able to dodge the attacks well, but the kick really got her hard. She then rolls towards Monika and performs a powerful low kick, but Monika caught it with little trouble. Using her brute strength, Monika gets Erika and tosses her over to a tree.

Monika: Think you're tough? You're nothing! *runs right for Erika*

When Erika made contact with the tree, she groaned a bit till she was able to come to. When she saw Monika was heading right for her, Erika changed her strategy and quickly scurries up the tree.

Monika: You won't get away from me that easily. 

Monika then stats jumping from branch to branch trying to catch Erika, but Erika is able to jump her way up and out of Monika's reach. This really irritated Monika to a point where she was about to go into a rage.

Monika: *leaps after Erika* Your theatrics aren't going to save you!

Erika: It's not theatrics... 

Erika ends up grabbing Monika as she leaps towards her and redirects her momentum back down to the ground

Erika: It's just using the land to your benefit.

Monika: little...*headbutts Erika's face, kicks her off* Ugh...that hurt...

Erika: *takes the headbutt, rubs her face* Leave now... maybe the gods will spare you.

Monika: *gets up, cracks her neck* There's only one way you're going to make me leave. 

Monika knelt down to the ground and pulled out her tanto knife. Erika widened her eyes with shock, and didn't seem to react fast enough when Monika ran to tackle her. The two then rolled down a steep hill, hitting the ground with much speed. Erika kept a hold of Monika throughout the whole time, making her take as much of the punishment as she does

Cue music: 

Monika gets up from the roll panting and pulls Erika by the hair, gives her an elbow to the face. When Erika saw it coming, she pulled away fast for Monika to miss, as Erika knees her a few times in the stomach. Monika takes a few knees before she blocks one. She then trips Erika down and starts punching her on the ground

Monika: Pretty slow, kitty cat!

Erika takes two punches before grabbing both fists, then rolls on top of her and goes for a double armbar

Erika: Not as slow as you...

Monika tries to fight her arm from being pulled away. She then gets her legs wrapped around Erika's neck to choke her out, making Erika transition to a one armed arm bar and rear naked choke hold. The two were refusing to giving up at all. It was starting to be a real struggle on them. Monik and Erika were losing air fast and neither one was going to give. About a few seconds later, both of them turned blue and their eyes rolled back. They both went limp and died simultaneously.



Okiku: Damn!

Swordsman: This was a very even match. Both Erika and Monika were pretty even in terms of endurance and experience. Making this more so a battle of strength. Monika has been able to fight against those who outclassed her before, though, to her credit, they were people in martial arts tournaments.

Okiku: To top it off, Erika may have fought through a war, came back from the other side, and held her own against the Gears and Syndicate, but her enemies and feats weren't that much different from Monika's

RLS: Indeed. For every offense, there is a defense. Monka's aggression is very fast and potent, yet Erika's defensive stance kept safe for some attacks. When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object...

Okiku: just results in both of them unable to do much with each other.

I guess this fight was just squeezed out of our hands.

+Aggression was higher
+Strength was on par for the most part
+Very athletic
-Isn't very experienced in grappling
-Couldn't counter all of Erika's attacks

+Had the better matial arts
+Speed triumphed over Monika's
+Adapted her strategy fast
-Couldn't fight off forever
-Was eventually over powered

This a draw

Draw 2 by swordsman9


Introducing our new challenger by swordsman9

Serpent Valintine by virusERROR

A clash of demons...

Journal History


Joseph Torres
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I am autistic and a MMD addict. Everyday I make different types of MMD videos from very simple to somewhat complex. I am still a beginner and could use some help as to how to do more complex animation that cannot be found in a website filled with motion data. If anyone is interested in my work so far visit my website. As usual, because of copyright laws, I donot own any models, stages, motion data, music, or even the software. I just maek how what it to look like. In a sense, what i do is a form of appropration and I want thw whole world to see.

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