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PD Modules by Pachiimeru
by Pachiimeru

In all honesty, you have done an amazing job mimicking the outfits, hair styles, textures, and just about everything else that make the...

Naruto OC: Kuressento Yami by Y-uno
by Y-uno

As a big Naurto fan and loving to see Naruto OC's and their stories I think you did a god job. The design of her overall is just so att...

Judo Gi WIP by MissingPixieSticks

This is very impressive. As a martial artist and MMD user, I can honestly say that this is one of those outfits that is both iconic and...

Commission - Gloam by Rosuuri
by Rosuuri

This is very impressive. I gotta say, I'm blown away by how beautiful this looks. Your choice of colors makes her stand out. She looks ...





Ace's fears start twirling in his head by swordsman9
Ace's fears start twirling in his head
While everyone was conversing with each other, Ace was feeling a bit uneasy. His paranoia and fears have been getting the best of him lately and making him very anxious and nervous. Ace usually didn't get like this all the time. Yet something about this was gonna make him feel sick.
Feeling a bit nervous about this by swordsman9
Feeling a bit nervous about this
Once they got there, nothing seemed out of the ordinary yet. Yet Suri still seemed a bit unsure. Her intuition told her that this had disaster written all over it.

Suri: "I'm just saying, I don't feel comfortable over going on a mission on a hunch."

Kuna: "Do you always have to be suspicious of everyone?"

Suri: "We're Hunters. We should always be careful who we trust. Especially people we know very little about."

Kuna: "Well, Yuri-sensei trusts Loveless-sensei. So we'll just have to trust that this will help us."

Suri: "We'll see..."

What do you like about my story? (Be honest) 

5 deviants said More than one answer
2 deviants said The actual written story
2 deviants said The number of crossovers
1 deviant said Just the artwork
No deviants said Has some scenes that are relevant to my fetish
No deviants said Other (comment)
Adoptable Chubby Cat Girl   Open By Victor639514-d by swordsman9

A girl I adopted from :iconthe-victor-catbox: Now I've finally worked on her story and information

Basic Facts:

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Full Name: Naara Gwenevere Newman
Nicknames: Chubby Cutie, Gwen
Species: Felus Catus/Homo Sapiens Anthro 
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Birth Date: April 24
Mother: Maxine Newman
Father: Douglas Newman

Physical Features:

Hair Color: Platnium blonde
Fur Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4'
Weight: 188 lbs
Blood Type: O+


- Expert in kickboxing
- Powerful swimmer
- Has some knowledge in mechanics
- Genius level I.Q.
- Well trained in melee weapons


Orientation: Bisexual
Turn Ons: Tanks, fighting
Turn Offs: Rude people, S&M, chubby haters


Traits: Tough, cynical, snarky, caring to some, intelligent, bit of a tomboy

Overview: While she's a bit on the chubby side, she makes up for it with her brains and skills

Personal Goal: To show you don't need to be skinny to be awesome


Likes: Kickboxing, swimming, martial arts, working on vehicles and machines, training, showing off to people
Dislikes: People who make fun of her, cat haters, dressing all 'pretty,' machine guns
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Drink: Vanilla Coke
Favorite Color: Light blue
Favorite Music: Classic Rock


- Has a bit of an eating disorder
- Very full of herself
Well known as a Hot Head with a Short Temper

Known Languages:

English, German, Korean, Chinese (Madarin), Japanese, French, Italian

Misc. Info:

Driver's Licence: Yes
Current Attire: Blue tank top, black jeans
Swim attire: Black and blue one piece
Current Residence: Drifter


There are the talented, there are the prodigies, and then there's Naara Gwenevere Newman (she prefers Gwen to her closest friends.)

Born to a typical family in Seattle, Naara grew around a father who loved to tinker around with just about any sort of machine. Douglas would often be in his garage fixing up anything from an alarm clock to a Panzer tank, and he was very damn good mechanic too. Naara wanted to be much like him, despite her mother's constant pestering on her being a more respectable young lady. For hours on end, Naara would spend more time seeing her dad at work more than she'd spend time on the T.V. When she was just 8, she was able to fix the engine of a '65 Ford Mustang (yes, she's that good.) As a young girl, she'd love to be in the garage and in the water. She would often swim 20 laps a day, some days, she'll try it underwater only. Very athletic and extremely intellegent, Naara was well on her way of being her family's next great legacy.

Yet at the same time, Maxine would ask Naara to learn manners and etiqutte. But she would often disobey her mom and hang out more with the boys. She was plenty tough and wasn't afraid to get down and dirty, but her mom's pestering made it hard for Naara to cope with all that she was put under. This kind of stress led her to develop an eating disorder at a young age. This really caused a bit of a problem for her in school, as bullies would constantly pick on her because of her less than sleek appearance. One day, when she was in the pool, swimming around a few laps, a couple of 'stickfigure' cheerleaders went to her and held her head underwater, calling her names and such. While her friends helped her out with her bullies, she went home to tell her parents what happened. Maxine felt sorry for Naara and comforted her in many ways, but Douglas told her 'if you really want to make a difference and stop bad things from happening, you got to learn how to hold your ground and get the right tools for the job.' This resulted in Naara finding another passion in her life; Kickboxing.

Going back to the same place where she learned how to swim, and it's not the local YMCA, Naara started to take kickboxing classes with some of her friends. While some were pretty skeptical since she didn't look all that much harmful, she proved her worth by being her class's top student. By the time she was 17, she was already competing in tournaments, racking up 14 victories. This really impressed a lot of people since they never thought she could do it. Once she was back in school, she paid her bullies a visit before they did, and taught them a lesson. Suspension aside since she threw the first punch, Naara proved she was really tough and willing to prove to everyone she could be as good as any skinny sized person.

Naara was really excited when she graduated and started to work as a mechanic, like her father. Her mother wasn't all too excited but  tried to be supportive. Still didn't help that Maxine wanted Naara to be more lady like, but at least with Naara living on her own, it wasn't too much of a stress on her. While she tries to lose weight on her own schedule, Naara likes being what she is. It makes her pretty confident that she can do it all, fat or not. And is willing to prove anyone otherwise if they doubt her.

Journal History


Joseph Torres
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I am autistic and a MMD addict. Everyday I make different types of MMD videos from very simple to somewhat complex. I am still a beginner and could use some help as to how to do more complex animation that cannot be found in a website filled with motion data. If anyone is interested in my work so far visit my website. As usual, because of copyright laws, I donot own any models, stages, motion data, music, or even the software. I just maek how what it to look like. In a sense, what i do is a form of appropration and I want thw whole world to see.


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What kind of model edits should I do? 

23 deviants said Combo (i.e. TDA+Kio, Animasa + LAT, ect.)
16 deviants said TDA
12 deviants said Animasa
6 deviants said Anomaro
6 deviants said LAT
5 deviants said ISAO
5 deviants said Kio
4 deviants said Comment a suggestion
1 deviant said Eto


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